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Accessible Electronics Rockboxed MP3 Players

Last month for my birthday I was given a professionally Rockboxed MP3 player from Accessible Electronics. At less than a hundred dollars each, these players are a great deal. It took my player two days to arrive. Included in the package was the player, ear buds, and the usb cable. The player is already set up to talk when it arrives. I turned it on and it began speaking after a short loading time of about a second. Unfortunately, I noticed that my battery was reaching only about 89 percent at maximum charge and it was draining in a matter of about 4 or 5 hours. I contacted Accessible Electronics about this problem and was told to return the player. I followed the guide lines for returns on their site and sent the player on its way. I received an email when the player arrived and another when the replacement was on its way back to me. In total the whole transaction took about a week. It would have been even faster but there was a mail holiday right in the middle. The constant contact and updates on my player’s status was a nice touch. I highly recommend these players to anyone, the customer service is outstanding.

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  1. i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions”*.

  2. Rockbox offers this functionality. Equalizer and more.

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