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Command Line Spell Checker

Sometimes you may want to spell check a word without having to open a browser or a word processor. In a situation the command line can once again come to the rescue. To get the spell checker, in a terminal, type:
sudo apt-get install hunspell hunspell-en-us
After the installation has completed you can do:
and type in each word you want checked. If the word is spelled correctly it will display *. If the word is not correct it will offer suggestions. Another way to check a word is to type:
echo “word” | hunspell
To make things even easier, you can create a file named spellcheck in ~/bin/ and add the following lines:
echo “$@” | hunspell
exit 0
Save the file and change its permissions by typing:
chmod 700 ~/bin/spellcheck
Now you can check words by typing:
spellcheck word to check
the above line should yield 3 * symbols. So, the next time you need to check a single word to paste in to an application, open a terminal and get the correct spelling in a few seconds.

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  2. Is there any ways to check thesaurus by similar way? Thesaurus dictionary finds repetitive words and is presented in MS Office or this one online spell checker: http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/

  3. There is no thesaurus that I am aware of right now. If I find something I will post it here.

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