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Customize Everything

Imagine for a moment you have just purchased a car. You get the keys, you climb in, start the engine. Now, let’s take this
imagined scene and add a few details. It’s the middle of a heat wave, outside your car the temperature reads 103 degrees
Fahrenheit. Somehow, the heat in the car has been set to max, and the volume on the radio is all the way up, and what’s worse,
the radio is tuned to rap. You can still save this imagined scene, just reach out, flip the heat over to air, turn down the
radio, and for god’s sake! find a station that plays music, you know, the stuff with talent.
I have noticed that when people get a new program, or in a lot of cases, a new computer, they never customize anything about it
at all. Just like you wouldn’t drive the car with the heat maxed during a heatwave with rap crashing through your new speakers
assailing your ears, neither should leave default settings as they are unless they are what you want. One great example of this
is the completely awesome speech synthesizer eSpeak. I have heard so many people complain that they don’t like the voice or the
British accent. If that is the case, why not customize it? It has a ton of languages including … you guessed it … U.S.
English and, there are a ton of variants as well so the voice can sound different. Go ahead, if you have a command line up:

espeak -v en-us+m3 "I just customized espeak. Yay for me."

See there, not so difficult.
I personally check preferences or settings for programs as soon as I install them. You never know what essential feature you
may discover that is disabled by default.

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