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Easily Load Books from Bard on to Your Cartridge

So you’ve just downloaded several books, for hours of reading enjoyment from the BARD service, and now you have to create a folder on your cartridge or pendrive for each book, extract the book to its folder, and remove the zip file. Wouldn’t it be much easier if it were automated?
Well, now it is. just grab the bookloader.sh script, place it on your drive where you want the books loaded, and then type:

bash bookloader.sh

The script creates a folder called book# where # is the number of the book it is currently extracting, e.g. book1. The script next extracts the zipfile containing the book to the newly created folder. Finally, the script removes the .zip file. When the prompt returns, simply unmount the drive, and put it in your book player. Very easy, and I hope useful.

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