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Extending TTYtter

The TTYtter extension pack has been moved to github. The original article and files have been left intact for anyone who wants them. The new way to get the extensions is to open terminal and do the following:
git clone https://github.com/stormdragon2976/ttytter-extensions
To add an extension to your .ttytterrc, the soundpack for example, you would do:
And now back to the original article already in progress…
One of the very numerous awesome things about the greatest Twitter client in the world, TTYtter, is its ability to use extensions. extensions are third party add ons for TTYtter that add functionality that hasn’t been included in the TTYtter program itself. One of the things I wanted in TTYtter was sound alerts for the different types of events. So, with some help from TTYtter’s author, Cameron Kaiser, I wrote my first TTYtter extension to add soundpack functionallity. The soundpack goes in a directory in your home folder. If you download the script by itself you may need to create this directory structure. The path to the sounds is:
My first soundpack was created using the Espeak speech synthesizer. If you would like, you can download the soundpack. Use the file names as a template to create your own soundpacks. The file names must match exactly. They are:

Sound to play when you post a tweet.
Sound when you receive a new tweet
Sound when you receive a direct message
sound when you get new results for what ever you are tracking
sound when someone mentions you

The soundpack can be named anything you like and must be placed in:
To get your chosen sound pack to load when TTYtter starts, add the line:
to your .ttytterrc. Alternatively you can just rename your chosen sound pack to:
and it will load with no modification needed in the .ttytterrc file.
Usually I put all the extensions I use in the ~/.ttytter/ directory so it keeps everything nice and tidy. If you would like to use the full pack of extensions that I use I have created a convenient package that has everything already set up in it. Just extract the folder in your home directory and set up your .ttytterrc file to point to the extensions. If you have previously installed TTYtter using my previous post, you only need to add a line and the notification type for the soundpack. Open terminal and type:
gedit .ttytterrc
Somewhere in the file above the notify information, add the following replacing USER with your user name, the name of your home directory:
Next find the line that reads:
and chage it to:
save the file and everything should just work when you open TTYtter.
Included in the pack are the soundpack script, a timestamp script originally written by @vkoser and heavily modified by me, and a groups extention also written by @vkoser. when you install the pack there is a default group created with @ttytter, myself, and some other extention writers in it. If you follow any of us our tweets will be stored in the ttytter group. For help with group commands type:
If you would like an automated way to create your .ttytterrc using all the extensions then check out http://www.stormdragon.tk/ttytterrc/. Note that it assumes you will be using both libnotify and the soundpack extension. If you don’t want to use libnotify edit the file and remove it from the notifytype line.

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  1. The pack of extensions is very cool. Can you host sound packs here or should I put it somewhere and leave a link?

  2. You can do either. If you want me to post it contact me on twitter and I’ll dm you with the contact info, or use the contact page to let me know about it. Of course you can just leave a link to it in the comments if you host it yourself.

  3. This sound pack stuff is great. Has anyone done a Mortal Kombat pack yet? I want MKDA!

  4. No one has done a Mortal Kombat pack as far as I know. If you make one I will put it on the site if you would like. Just use the contact page to let me know and I’ll send you an address so you can email it to me.

  5. I’ve read some good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to make such a fantastic informative site.

  6. house extension builders.

    good information.

  7. I followed the instructions to the letter, and yet I can’t soundpack, or any other type of notifications, to work.

  8. Did you download a sound pack and put it in ~.ttytter/sounds/? Did you use the .ttytterrc file creation tool or do it yourself? It’s hard to know what went wrong without knowing exactly what you did.

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