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How to Setup ZNC

This article assumes you have already followed How to set up an Arch Linux Server. This article will extend your server to use bitlbee and znc, so you can stay connected to irc channels and IM services all the time.


To install bitlbee, do the following:

pacaur -S bitlbee

Next, edit the file /etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf and remove the # from the following lines:

User = bitlbee
DaemonInterface =
DaemonPort = 6667

finally, make sure bitlbee has the correct permissions, start, and enable the services:

sudo chown -R bitlbee:bitlbee /var/lib/bitlbee
sudo systemctl start bitlbee
sudo systemctl enable bitlbee


To install and configure ZNC, do the following:

pacaur -S znc
sudo -u znc znc --makeconf

The ZNC configuration utility will guide you through the setup process. make sure you specify it to connect to localhost for your bitlbee connection. It should look something like this for the add network section:

[ ?? ] Set up a network? (yes/no) [yes]:
[ ** ]
[ ** ] -- Network settings --
[ ** ]
[ ?? ] Name [freenode]: bitlbee
[ ?? ] Server host (host only): localhost
[ ?? ] Server uses SSL? (yes/no) [no]:
[ ?? ] Server port (1 to 65535) [6667]: 6667
[ ?? ] Server password (probably empty):
[ ?? ] Initial channels:
[ ** ] Enabled network modules [simple_away]
[ ** ]
[ .. ] Writing config [/var/lib/znc/.znc/configs/znc.conf]...
[ >> ] ok

At the end of the configuration utility it will ask you if you want to start ZNC. Answer no, so it can be handled by systemd. When everything is set up the way you want:

sudo systemctl start znc
sudo systemctl enable znc

More information is available on the Arch Wiki.

Getting Connected

This example uses irssi:

/network add -user YourZNCUserName/bitlbee
/server add -auto -ssl -network bitlbee ip/hostname port password
/connect +bitlbee

Port being the port you set in the configuration, and the hostname or ip of the server running znc, password the password you set in znc.

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