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More Audio Games in Wine

There are some audio games that will not work in Wine with out a little modification. This modification may require some assistance because Orca is unable to read Wine related information. Still, it may be possible to press a key combo in the correct order and get the desired result. The first thing to do is to install the winetricks package. Using winetricks can help to get some great things installed. It does, according to the winetricks documentation, have a few adverse side effects. Basically you will not be able to get support from winehq if something doesn’t work. In recent versions of Ubuntu winetricks is included with Wine. So, try typing:
in terminal. If it doesn’t work you will need to install it manually. To install winetricks open terminal and type:
wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
It should finish downloading very quickly. When the download is complete make sure the winetricks script has permission to run. To do this type:
chmod 700 winetricks
You can then run the script by typing ./winetricks and when the script opens there will be a long list of packages. You need the vb6run (Visual Basic 6 runtime) and all directX packages except the “not recommended” packages. You can install them all at the same time. A window will come up that is not accessible to Orca. Make sure this window has focus and press alt+y to install the Visual Basic6 runtime. Now you can install a broad variety of games.
Here is a partial list as well as a few notes on some of the games.
If you notice lag in the sound, try installing alsa-oss with:
sudo apt-get install alsa-oss
and launch the game from the terminal with aoss at the beginning of the line:
aoss wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Game/launcher.exe

Kitchensinc Games

The games are all free and very good. They are located at http://kitchensinc.jgriffith.com/ttsgames/ttsgames.htm. You need to download and install winkit first. It is a menu system for the games. When it is finished downloading right click it and select "extract here". When it has finished extracting find and press enter on the winkit folder, then right click the setup.exe file and select open with wine. Press enter four times. wait a few seconds and press enter again. If everything went as it should the installer should close and there will now be a "kitchensinc menu" under applications, wine, programs. If you select the games option the self-voicing menu will launch.
To install the games just download the one you want and when it is finished right click and open with wine. Wait a few seconds to make sure it has opened and press enter, alt+o, and alt+c. At this point the window will close and the game will be installed. To play the game select it from the kitchensinc game menu.
In puppy1, when I changed the voice from the default, the game became unplayable. The golf game tends to crash. To make this not happen, wait until it has finished speaking completely before selecting your club or swinging. Those are the only two I had any problems with and the work arounds are quite simple.

LightTechInteractive Games

The games can be gotten from http://www.lighttechinteractive.com/web page/lightGames.php. The general install format is right click the game after downloading it, select open with wine, and after waiting a few seconds for it to open, press alt+n twice followed by alt+y then alt+n three or four more times for good measure. Finish with an alt+i for install and wait a few seconds while it works its magic. Press enter to close the installer. The games will be under applications, wine, Program, LightTechInteractive. I have installed "Bop It Ultimate", "Light Cars", and "NUM-Crunch". They all work well. In Light Cars, when you have completed a race and have tried to start another race the game may go silent. If this happens, press enter and the game will close. Open the game again and everything will work. These games are a lot of fun as evidenced by their download counter for each one. You will have to run the configuration option before playing the game. Each game has the option in its menu. The configuration utility is not self-voicing, but it is still possible to get through it. When it opens press enter, type your first name, press tab, type your last name, press enter and enter your email if you want(it is not required), press tab and down arrow once for Canada or twice for United States, and finish by pressing tab and enter twice. The window will close an the game will be configured.

L-works Work Around

Other games may work too. The free games from l-works.net work very well. The only thing is, you have to change to the folder where the game is and launch it. This may only be necessary if you have removed PulseAudio in Ubuntu. To change to the l-works directory open terminal and type:
cd .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/lworks
Then use the ls command to get a list of the games installed. Change to the directory with the cd command then launch the game with wine.
wine toy.exe
The games will not work if launched from the wine menu under applications.

Installation Instructions

There are too many games to write the instructions for each in this post. I have already put off publishing it for some time to test and figure out installation issues. That is where you can help. If you install a game and it works, please post a comment with instructions here. Most of the time games can be installed by pressing alt+n several times then alt+i and finally alt+f. Sometimes you have to agree to terms. In this situation, the key series may be alt+n followed by alt+a, press space to check the agree box, then alt+n five or six times and finish up with alt+i ad either alt+f or enter to close the installer. Sometimes the installer may start by asking if you want to install the program. If the installer closes right off when you press alt+n then this is likely the cause so try starting out with alt+y. These instructions should get you through most installers. Good luck and have fun.

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