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Please contribute to the continued development of this .oysttyerrc creation script. Thank you for your support. If you would like your name posted here for others to see include it in the "purpose" box when you make your donation.

This application will guide you through the process of creating a personalized ., .oysttyerrc file. After creating the file and placing it in your home directory, your prefered settings will automatically be applied to Oysttyer when it opens.

Placing Your .oysttyerrc File

Once your file has been downloaded, you will need to place it in your home directory. Usually files download to the ~/Downloads directory. Open terminal and type:
mv ~/Downloads/oysttyerrc ~/oysttyerrc If your files download somewhere else replace Downloads in the line above with the correct path.

Getting A GNU Social Account

This step is optional, but because of Twitter's tendency to turn against and alienate developers it is highly recommended. You can either install your own instance of GNU Sociali if you have a server, or join a public node such as Note at this point Oysttyer's ability to operate with GNU Social is shakey at best and you may be better off using gasher. I think that improved GNU Social support for Oysttyer is in the works though.

API Base

Use GNU Social?
Please enter your GNU Social username: Please enter your GNU Social domain: Please enter your GNU Social password:

Path Name

Please enter the name of your home directory. It is usually your login name. Do not include the ending slash: /home/


Please enter the command you would like Oysttyer to use to open images:

Web Browser

Please enter the command you would like Oysttyer to use to open web pages:

Starting Statuses

Enter the number of updates you would like loaded when Oysttyer opens:

Simple Start

Use simple start so that Oysttyer's loading messages will be shorter at start up?

Readline Character Counter

Turn off the caracter counter (onlyu useful if you use readline:ttytter with a screen reader)?

Status Verification

Oysttyer should:
Ask me before posting statuses.
Wait a specified number of seconds before posting statuses.
Post my statuses as soon as I am finished typing them.
If you would like Oysttyer to wait befor posting your statuses, please specify how many seconds Oysttyer should wait:

Secure Connection

Oysttyer should use SSL for standard URLs?


Oysttyer should watch for mentions/RTs?


Oysttyer should use ANSI?

New Lines

\n and \r create new lines?


Enable real time streaming?

Word Wrap

Enable word Wrap?

Tab Completion

Oysttyer can complete names when you press tab. For this to work the names must be in your .Oysttyerrc file. Please enter a list of followers separated by spaces in the box if you would like to use this feature:


In order for the following settings to work correctly you need to get the Oysttyer extension pack. To do this you need to have git installed:
git clone
Desktop Notifications by @colindean
Sound Notifications by @storm
Text to speech by @storm (type /tts help for usage)
Timestamps if more than 5 minutes has passed by @vkoser
View remaining API hits with /limit by @reuteras
Show the client used to post each status by @storm
Note if you set up extensions manually must be the last in the list or you will get double tweets.

Sound Pack

If you have enabled the sound pack extension above please select the sound pack you would like to use. Don't forget to download the soundpack from the Sound Packs page:

Create File

Your .oysttyer file is ready for download. Double check the information above to make sure it is correct. When you are ready, click the button Below:

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