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Recent Down time

You may have noticed that the site was down briefly, followed by a slight name change. This is because my previous host, due to a billing error, deleted all my content with out warning. well, they sent an email to be fare, but I went to see what was going on, all my stuff had been deleted. Needless to say, I was ANGRY. Actually, that doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings of rage that coursed through me, especially when I discovered my backup directory only contained a database backup from well over a year ago.
To make things worse, some of the stuff hosted here is gone, probably forever. Yes, I made the same mistake a lot of people do. I had been hosted with my previous host for over 10 years. In that time, there had never been a problem, everything went smoothly, they even gave me a free month of service for some down time that was so brief I would never have known about it if they hadn’t emailed me and told me about it. So, I did a lot of edits right on the site, without backing up to my computer or anywhere else. Yes, I know, bad me. But, 10 plus years of trouble free service has to be worth something right? I read all the articles about backing up, I knew the risk, I made backups for years and years, but within the last two or three, I became sort of lax about keeping up with it.
As you may have noticed, the blog part of the site is back pretty much unchanged, except for the theme. I remembered that some time ago I had changed the path where I was saving my database backups and was able to get one from only a few days before my stuff vanished into oblivion. Getting it set up on the new server was very interesting, to say the least, and my friend Kyle worked tirelessly until about 4:30AM to help me get it all Working. Thanks Kyle! you’re AWESOME!
So, if any links on the site are broken for things that were hosted here, let me know and I will try to get them back. I can’t make any promises though. The important part is, I have learned my lesson, and with the added benefits that come with my new hosting service, most backups are automatic since I now use git to manage pretty much every part of the site. the blog part is still being backed up via the database backup plugin. I am very happy with my new plan which gives me 20GB of space, 1TB of transfer, shell access and more, and only cost $1.5 more than what I was paying for a shared hosting plan. so if you’re looking for a new home on the web, I highly recommend Digital Ocean.
As for the name change, the stormdragon.us link will still work because I bought up ten years time for that name. I really don’t want anything to do with my old hosting company, so I wanted to completely close the account, but they say it’s not possible or I will lose something like eight years of time on that name. So, I left the account in place, but after that name is used up it will be gone. A note to providers, if you delete someone’s stuff, that’s pretty much the end of them doing business with you, the offers of free service, free upgrade plans, etc don’t really mean anything, cause the customer is left wondering when it will happen again.
The good news is, everything is pretty much back now. The new .tk extension is most likely here to stay. You can get a .tk domain for free in increments of 1 year. I always say, you can’t beat free, and their are so many things you can do with a domain name, from making an easy to remember Facebook link, to creating your own website.
Now that everything is back, stay tuned for more articles. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Digital Ocean sounds cool for the price. And that really sucks about the shared host doing that to you. I’d be really pissed. Anyway, glad you could get your blog back up and running.

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