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Simple Orca Plugin System

Chrys has developed a plugin system for Orca. This plugin system allows you to write plugins for Orca in any language you want. Although not as powerful as a fully integrated plugin system, you can still accomplish a lot with what it can do. In fact, the included plugin manager is written in bash, and it allows you to enable and disable other plugins, as well as download and instal new plugins.
To install the simple plugin system, if you use Arch Linux or one of is derivatives, install the package simpleorcapluginsystem-git located in the AUR.
If you use another distribution, simply innstall manually by doing the following:

git clone https://github.com/chrys87/simple-orca-plugin-system.git
cd simple-orca-plugin-system
sudo cp -r SOPS /usr/share/

whether you install via package manager or manually, the final step is the same. To integrate the plugin system with Orca, run the following command:


Restart Orca, and the plugin system will be ready to use. By default, the simple plugin system includes the plugin manager, bound toorca+control+p, a plugin to tell you which workspace you are currently using, bound to orca+x, and a plugin to tell you what is currently in the clipboard, bound to orca+c.
Using the plugin manager, you can easily install more plugins. Just select Install New Plugins, then check the plugins you want to install and assign them a keybinding. There are several plugins available for download, and more are being added all the time.
If you need assistance, Chrys and I are usually in the #talkingarch channel on irc.netwirc.tk, also feel free to leave question in the comments, or contact me via the contact form.
Information for creating plugins is available in the docu.txt file included in the SOPS directory. Also, a file called hosting.txt is in the tools directory. If you want to host plugins yourself edit the file, placing your information in the variables, then upload the file to a directory on your server and rename it to index.php. Anything in the directory other than index.php will be listed as a plugin. If you host plugins and want them publically available, send me a link to your site so we can review the offered plugins and include the new site in the plugin manager.
If you just want to have your plugins hosted on an already available server, let me know here in the comments, or on GNU Social as @storm@social.stormdragon.tk. You can also contact me on Twitter as @stormdragon2976. Note that I do not check my Twitter all that often, so responces may be delayed.
The Simple Orca Plugin System is easy to use, and very useful. I hope you enjoy it.

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