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TTYtter Becomes Oysttyer

The CLI based Twitter program TTYtter has been forked and is now called Oysttyer. I know some of you are saying “yes, this is old news”, and it is, but I just kept right on procrastinating and that is why this took so long. now, however, the ttytterrc page you know and love has been updated and is now an oysttyerrc generation page. To create your .oysttyerrc, simply visit the new .oysttyerrc creation page. Dont forget to git clone the suite of extensions from github.
Although I rarely use Twitter any more, I know a lot of people still do, so I updated the extensions and settings generator code. Hopefully too, Oysttyer will be able to work flawlessly with GNU Social soon. I left the code in place for those type .rc files, so when that support is added, it should just work. You can follow me at https://social.stormdragon.tk/storm. If you need an account for GNU Social, why not sign up at https://2mb.social/main/register? I hope to see you soon in my timeline.

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  1. Now running @oysttyer instead of @corebird, though both are installed. My extensions seem to work they way they should, though, one question: isn’t the ‘reply-all’ one depricated by a new in-built command?

  2. I’m not sure, I haven’t used or read about it much. If so, I’ll remove the plugin. I figured by now the streaming api would be the default, but it still has to be enabled in the .oysttyerrc lol. So, I just assumed everything else was the same too.

  3. After further investigation, I found out it has been replaced with the /ra command. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. The ‘ra’ command still works as it did in ttytter; guess you can leave it alone; it’s redundant, I guess.

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